Claudia Coveyduck

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I know that writing a blog has become a more common thing that people do these days but we can’t deny the power and influence these platforms still have, especially amongst younger generations. Although I  like to consider myself an "older millennial" (wink, wink)  but then I remember how good the 90’s music is and that gives my age away!.

In my blog you will be able to find content that can inform on industrial product development, encourage research and start a conversation about change in the fashion industry around waste when we create.

We are at a point in the fashion industry where everyone would like to see change happen whether it is social, environmental or inclusion and diversity.  However there are more questions than there are answers.

So, How do we do it and where do we start? I believe like anything in life, we can’t move forward without understanding where we have been before and addressing the key issues. Many blogs are talking about the waste of textiles after product consumption, however I would like to focus my blog on the waste of materials and resources that happens during the product development.

I have been working  in the supply chain for the past 20 years as a Garment Technologist across womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear for several brands and suppliers in London.  I am very fortunate with the amount of information and experience that I have been exposed to in my job, which I think can be beneficial to write about. In the hope that it will contribute to the changes that need to happen.

This is why I am creating this blog to brainstorm together and also inform innovative start-ups and individuals interested in creating products that are truly sustainable and don’t want to repeat the common mistakes that lead to “Greenwashing".

In addition I offer my technical services to startups who are exploring sustainable materials and need technical support with;

-Technical packs

-Samples fitting

-Flat sketching

-Test report review

- Guideline Manuals

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I look forward to hearing your opinions but also your ideas so that I can create content that you want to read about.